Euston Anniversary Special #2

Euston Anniversary Special #2

Euston station is a place one can either like or hate. Many begrudge the fact the splendid architecture of the old station and its famous archway/great hall was swept away to make room for the new. That work is regularly acknowledged as an act of vandalism and its one that unfortunately happened despite the herculean efforts of poet laureate John Betjeman and others to prevent the ghastly demolition going ahead.

Euston station wartime. Women saying farewell to their soldiers. Source: Twitter

Couples say goodbye 1944 as soldiers leave for service. Source: Twitter

Euston station, probably a few years short of nationalisation. Source: Twitter

Loading the Travelling Post Office by Grace Golden 1948. Source: Twitter

Euston station, Great Hall, 1950. Source: Twitter

Another image of the lamented Great Hall by Christian Barman 1950. Source: Twitter

Liverpool supporters in Eversholt Street, Euston, en route to Wembley 1950. Source: Twitter

Jubilee class 45709 at Euston 1956. Source: Twitter (Note: The Twitter account has been deleted or suspended thus an archived image is used.)

roudly celebrating London’s railway architecture. Within a few short few years it had all gone! Source: Twitter

The famous arch in its last years. Source: Twitter

The famous arch seen in the centre of the picture. It was about where the slope down to the Watford DC lines begins. Source: Twitter

I don’t think it was a myth that the Euston Arch stood on Euston Road. Maybe some people assumed it because of the fact the gatehouses that stand on Euston Road. It is said in some sources these originally stood either side of the arch however I have been unable to find verification and it seems these were built around the 1870s at the very spot where they now stand. The famous arch itself was located just past the station’s departures board roughly at the start of the slope to the suburban platforms.

The arch being demolished 1961. Source: Twitter

Dramatic picture of the arch’s demolition 1961. Source: Twitter

Early plans for the new Euston station. Source: Twitter

Architect’s sketch of the new station forecourt. Source: Twitter

Euston – A defining moment in the fight for racial equality, 1966. Source: Twitter

Asquith Xavier at Euston late sixites. Source: Twitter. Here’s another tweet & picture.

The station before completion. The nearby Euston Tower is also seen under construction. Source: Twitter.

Proudly celebrating London’s railway architecture. Within a few short few years it had all gone! Source: Twitter

Continued in part three – covering the forty years from 1968 to 2018.