Paddington station has a brick wall to rival King’s Cross Platform 9 & 3⁄4!

Paddington station has a brick wall to rival King’s Cross Platform 9 & 3⁄4!

Who needs Hogwarts and the magic wall that gives access to Platform 9 & 3⁄4 at King’s Cross when one can just as easily have that elsewhere too! Well that’s where Paddington station comes in! Besides having a bear from Peru, Paddington station now has a secret platform where, for all one knows, a Hogwarts express of some sort leaves for the West Country. Its probably some long lost branch line off the GWR main line these trains are destined for. Perhaps Platform 9 & 3⁄4 at Paddington is the connoisseur’s choice for trains to places such as Avalon – the mythical land of King Arthur…

There’s something unique about a railway station sign that points towards a brick wall! This has just been installed at Paddington station & seems few know what to make of it!

Glastonbury perhaps? Tintagel maybe? Who knows! Both had railheads nearby at one time and these have survived the mists of time in terms of ghostly trains that run in the dead of night? A secret junction near Bruton giving access to the Glastonbury line or some secret line that still exists between Launceston and Delabole and then some unknown branch up to Tintagel. Here’s where it gets weird – these nocturnal trains don’t care one hoot whether its the GWR, Southern or the Somerset & Dorset. And those trains can only be got from Platform 9 & 3⁄4 at Paddington!

Or maybe its a secret Broad Gauge train that still runs points westward! One that takes in Brunel’s grand railway between Paddington, Plymouth and Penzance as well as side trips to Hammersmith, Windsor, Barnstaple, Newquay, Helston, St. Ives plus a special one of some prestigious order around London to Victoria, a very little known outpost of the former 7′ 0¼” system! The broad gauge didn’t finish in 1892 after all! Despite its tracks being ripped up overnight, its trains no doubt carried on regardless!

Whatever, its all in the imagination unless one manages to find a way of running at that wall and discovering themselves on Paddington’s one and only Platform 9 & 3⁄4! Or it might be that people are able to slither up the drain pipe on the said wall and find themselves in an exotic land of some sort. A giant could exist too, rather like that in Jack and the Beanstalk. Means when they do come back down they’d have to take to chopping the drain pipe down to ensure no evil could come of it again.

If the escalators at the side of Paddington Square ran the other way round, well there certainly would be an invite to either run straight into the wall or even to shimmer up the drainpipe towards goodness knows where! Please bear with us while the giants are tackled somehow!

There’s one other mystery… Paddington station is a whole platform short! Yes! It has a missing platform!** There’s sixteen platforms but only fifteen exist. There has to be one somewhere! Well by now one ought to know what that platform could be and fractionally this is no joke! Besides its something that doesn’t happen at King’s Cross because every platform there is accounted for thus its secret platform happens to be a known extra!

Funnily enough one can draw a ley line from the said conjunction point to where any Platform 9 & 3⁄4 ought to be!

Its not just that. Where the sign and the wall exist at Paddington, the exact conjunction between these is exactly on a centre line (could be either a ley or an old straight track****) that leads right across the station’s Lawn area towards Platform 9 & 3⁄4. So there evidently has to be some purpose of a sort to this!

Indeed a line can be drawn down the exact centre alignment of the station towards 9 & 3⁄4!

And there we have it! The intersecting line ends where 9 & 3⁄4 ought to be found!

And just as one begins to beggar possible disbelief, well it turns out the distance between the wall and where the trains actually stop short of the buffers these days happens to be… 73 yards! Indeed there’s every possibility Paddington’s Platform 9 & 3⁄4 ought to be a starting point for a special time & space train (the Tardis Express?) to Tenby and Giltar Point in Wales where the first ghostly encounter in 73 Yards took place!

Maybe the TARDIS is having one of its bad days and it just decided to make Paddington station a place where a vortex of some sort materialises? Or perhaps its that if one stands at the right spot they’ll be able to see their older selves exactly 73 yards distant whatever direction they look in. Stretching one’s imagination further it might be possible to see the rail passengers of old scurrying along the approach road to the original Brunel terminus. After all its roughly at that point about where the trains draw up near to the ends of platforms 9 and 10 these days that the original gates to the 1839 Paddington terminus had once stood!

Millie Gibson and Hilary Hobson – Doctor Who episode 73 Yards. Season 1/4 of 2024. BBC/Disney Plus. Youtube.

At the end of the day I really couldn’t tell you what any of this was all about. But if you do happen to pass Paddington station, take a look and ask yourself, what is the real significance behind this signage and the way it meets with a wall that indicates, well what has to be a magical alignment with some Platform 9 & 3⁄4 hidden deep inside the station itself. And what will happen if one finds the secret to opening this so far unknown portal? Will one find themselves in the past on a Hogwarts Express of some sort? Engaging in a deep conversation with the great Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself, or maybe seeing the earliest travellers who had used those very first broad gauge trains out of London in 1839? Or it be the very first act of seeing their older selves signing unknown messages for the next few decades?

** In real life the station’s missing platform is actually number 13!

**** The Old Straight Track, Alfred Watkins. 1925.

All photographs and video are by the author – except Doctor Who which is from Youtube.