TfL’s new mascot?

TfL’s new mascot?

The new guy on the tube? He’s the aristocrat who’s helping TfL with their awareness campaigns….

He’s meant to be promoting safety on the escalators…but so far response from the travelling public has been rather biting, even quite rude.

Sir Roundlington’s no doubt risen from the depths of nowhere to assert prime spot as TfL’s new mascot.

So far its not much of an impression….

Does anyone think he’ll last long?

One guy to the other: You know, we just passed Sir Roundlington on the escalator? Where? I cant see him!

Looks like TfL has a new mascot… Source: Twitter. (Tweet deleted.)

Dave’s tweet has now been deleted however a screencap is used here instead.

I would like to immediately meet the human who devised Sir Roundlington… Source: Twitter. (Tweet currently not available.)

There’s absolutely nothing of repute on Sir Roundlington apart from these and a few other choice tweets, plus those elusive sightings at Oxford Circus where he’s currently doing his rounds – or whatever these might be called!