Class 707’s extended SWR vacation

Class 707’s extended SWR vacation

Thought it was all over? The Class 707’s reign on SWR had ended and the units would in future be admired by enthusiasts as South Eastern City Beam units…

Not so fast! The final 707 to work on SWR (024/030) has again been making the rounds, no doubt due to a need to fill in gaps where stock shortages might occur. The units have been debranded but are still based at Wimbledon so why not make good use of them? Some were sceptical the 707s were being used in service but there’s proof its happening and train drivers, guards and platform dispatchers are chuffed too!

Class 707 024/030 have been observed on Dorking, Hampton Court, Shepperton and Windsor Riverside services. Apparently they’ll be seen on SWR services until April 2024!!!

As the thread shows it was indeed the Class 707!

SouthEastern’s MD Steve White says: Nice picture. There won’t be a second pair rejoining SWR. All other 707s are now modified and in use on SE. April is the latest return date for the last pair to transfer over. Enjoy while you can! (Twitter/X).

As some point out the caveat is should the 701s enter service before April 2024, then 707 024/030 will likely go over to SE earlier. ATM it seems not even one 701 will be in service with SWR this year (2023). The 701s continue to be under evaluation with no sign of any definite date into service..