Hyperia updates

Hyperia updates

This is just a couple of updates re the ride on 7th June 2024 as well as two videos by Ryan the Ride Mechanic on what the problems could be. Basically the deliberations offered by Ryan is its all to do with the top of the lift hill, and not the compressors for the air gates or anything. He says that sort of stuff wouldn’t shut down a ride whereas problems with the lift hill would. There’s so much about Hyperia and what could be wrong with it, much the same as is happening with Top Thrill 2 With Cedar Point however we are finding more what the issue is with their ride and its likely to do with the wheels although it probably isn’t the only thing that has affected TT2.

So many were hopeful Hyperia would have opened by now. Especially after the fact Saw had to be closed to enable a crane to operate around the Hyperia site on both 4th and 5th June. Sadly Thorpe Park’s message on the 6th June dashed those hopes.

With Thorpe Park’s Hyperia evidently its the chain or the pads underneath the chain run, or the sprockets, or the bearings. It could be any number of things, and Ryan tries to explain in his videos what it is about. It doesn’t mean the problem with Hyperia is known but at least the problems that could be causing the ride’s prolonged closure after just one day following the spectacular opening on 24th May are discussed in detail.

At least Hyperia is currently undergoing testing as is shown next. Other messages from X also show that work continues but at least the ride’s main problem has been sorted. It looks as if it could open pretty soon!

Its evidently far more difficult to know what is going on at Thorpe Park given the ride operated for one day and its sudden closure has everyone discussing what the problem could be! Ryan The Ride Mechanic gave his opinion on that and in the first video shown below he thinks its the drive and idler sprockets used to carry the chain at the top of the lift hill.

In the second video released on 7th June 2024, Ryan thinks its possibly other things that could be the issue, not just the sprockets. He also says that he still doesn’t know the full picture but he can tell us some of the things that are not what some suspect to be the cause of the ride’s closure.

Update 11 June 2024

‘She’s back’! Hyperia recommences on 12th June 2024.

Hyperia continues to have problems. Stuck on the lift hill today. Yesterday it nearly stalled & all this among other issues. With a full compliment of riders however the weight should help the ride to bed in once again.