Hanger Lane Tube adverts

Hanger Lane Tube adverts

These are a series of classic London Transport tube posters at Hanger Lane tube station from the 1920s to the 1990s, there’s 14 in total, and these can be found in the subways and ramps approaching the ticket hall.

The main subway – most of the historic tube adverts are found along here.

I dont think anyone’s blogged about these – which is surprising. I looked in vain on the internet but to no avail. Absolutely zilch. They were probably done quite a few years ago, late 1990’s or early 2000’s. Many depict the tube (Underground) however some also cover General Buses and Green Line Coaches.

Autumn Hues – Fungi by Walter E. Spradbery.

These large enamel reproductions may have been commissioned by the local council (Ealing) to commemorate the Central Line. Certainly one of the adverts extols the opening of the new tube line to Greenford in 1947 (it was opened to West Ruislip later.) There are slight mistakes in some of the descriptions such as capitalisation, spacing and even spelling,- however that doesn’t distract from the adverts themselves.

Central Line Western Extension by Zero.

One interesting aspect of the 1947 opening was until then the Central Line had been steam worked from North Acton. Electrification hadn’t been completed even though the stations were. WWII had delayed all the work. West Ruislip wasn’t even meant to be the terminus, it was Denham (with an intermediate station at Harefield Road.) These too were a victim of WWII.

Carnival by Paula Cox.

London’s Life-Lines by Peter Roberson.

London’s Life-Lines is easily the biggest of the lot. It depicts practically the entire LPTB network right out into the home counties. Places shown in the side illustrations include Hampton Court, Hampstead Heath, Waterloo Bridge (Kingsway Subway), Temple Bar and Trafalgar Square.

Brightest London by Horace Taylor.

Some of the adverts (including the Central Line 1947) are found on the adjacent ramp.

Fly The Tube To Paris by Ian Southwood.

Here is a complete list of the works at Hanger Lane:

By Motor Bus by F. Gregory Brown (1922)
Brightest London by Horace Taylor (1924)
The Hive Is Awake – Why Is Not The City Astir? by Walter E. Spradbery (1929)
Autumn Hues – Fungi by Walter E. Spradbery (1936)
Central Line Western Extension by Zero (Hans Schieger) (1947)
Epping Forest – Hertfordshire by F. W. C. (John) Farleigh (1947)
London’s Country – The Chilterns by F. W. C. (John) Farleigh (1947)
London Transport by Misha Black & John Barker (1947)
London’s Life-Lines by Peter Roberson (1948)
The Street Markets by A. R. Thompson (1949)
Round Pond, Kensington Gardens by Paul Millichip (1958)
Fly The Tube To Paris by Ian Southwood (1990)
Carnival by Paula Cox (1994)
London’s Parks by Jennifer Tuffs (1997)