Twenty One Pilots to Eweston

Twenty One Pilots to Eweston

Euston tube station (or is it Eweston?) is certainly doing big adverts these days! In October 2018 hordes of people were visiting the station, often going out of their way just to see the impressive Twenty One Pilots advert which featured the music duo’s latest album, Trench. The pics I took of the advert were in mid October.

Twenty One Pilots advert at Euston.

The advert impressed most because it was wall to ceiling, not an absolutely new thing for TfL, it has done it several times at Oxford Circus, however the fact it advertised Twenty One Pilots was to many an eye opener!

Practically the entire Twenty One Pilots advert can be seen in this picture.

Here are some comments on the advert from Twitter….

“London’s Euston Station has gone full ‘Trench’!” Source.

“Thank you @twentyonepilots for always keeping me going. I love you with my whole heart. Seeing you guys pasted all over Euston station reminded me ‘that anyone, from anywhere, can do anything.'” Source.

“Love what @twentyonepilots has done with London Euston tube station #trench #TwentyOnePilots.” Source.

The duo themselves form a centrepiece of the advert. Oops sorry ma’am you walked into my pic!

I think the advert originated when Twenty One Pilots played their first ever gig for well over a year at Brixton Academy, including some tracks from the new album Trench.

The advert was live throughout October, ending about the final weekend of October, a little over three weeks. (One tweet says the date for it to come down was 21st October yet many tweets were still celebrating the advert’s presence  on Monday 22nd October, so it probably came down after that.)

The Twenty One Pilots advert was designed by Brandon Rike.

Even as I write people on Twitter are asking, “Does anyone know if the Twenty One Pilots Trench stuff is still at Euston Tube station?”

Ironically on the night I write this post, Twenty One Pilots are performing in Houston! Another variation on Euston’s namesake, just as Heuston in Ireland is too πŸ™‚

High level view of the Twenty One Pilots advert.

A few more of those tweets….

“Spotted this in Euston underground station today and nearly cried 😍😍 @twentyonepilots #TRENCH.” Source.

“Euston station made me way more happier than it should have @twentyonepilots i love you, happy trench week, see you next year x.” Source.

“We’ve had questions all day about @twentyonepilots and Trench. We were confused here at Euston Twitter towers πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Mystery solved it’s an immersive advertising campaign for a bands new album. If you are looking for the advert it’s downstairs in @victorialine tube station.” Source.

“Tonight we went back & did another meetup/photo shoot at Euston Station with more of the London gang. Tons of photos coming! We screamed #StreamTRENCH to everyone. We, the UK promo street team, did THAT. πŸ˜­πŸ’›πŸ™ŒπŸ½ ||-// @tylerrjoseph @joshuadun @twentyonepilots #Clique #TRENCH.” Source.

One of the pics from that last mentioned tweet! ‘We screamed #StreamTRENCH to everyone.’ πŸ™‚

That famous Pilots advert’s now gone however the tube station has a new one in its place, and its Eweston shoes – or if you really really prefer it, Euston shoes! Instigated very recently, the advert is actually the footwear company Allbirds featuring their latest line of comfortable runners – with a wordplay on Euston!

Its quite ironic Allbirds decided to call their advert ‘Eweston’ because its related to sheep and there is in fact a station in Devon called Eweston – well sort of! Its actually a make believe station on a lakeside railway in a theme park famous for its sheep, near Bideford.

Some will notice the basic elements and design of the Twenty One Pilots advert are also being employed for the Allbirds advert. These include the same advertising screens and large lettering on the lower parts of the ceiling as well as use of the entire ceiling. In this case the ceiling is being used to represent the sky whilst the walls themselves depict sheep in the English countyside.

Meet your shoes Eweston! Actually Allbirds’ cosy runners, made from wool.

Sadly, no-one is tweeting home about the latest advert. There’s nothing wrong with it at all, it just that wool made shoes don’t have the same appeal as a sexy pair of men! Or a top hit music album πŸ™‚

The passageway at Euston is obviously a good location for advertising because of its curve as the bottom of the escalators are reached. Basically the same technique is employed at Oxford Circus in four of its passageways, two large & two small. These are without a doubt money spinning locations because instead of the advert running straight ahead and sort of letting the message fade from their consciousness, the fact it curves in front of everyone as they approach the escalators, means the advert is still making an impression on those who pass through here.

Eweston looking towards the bottom of the escalators.

TfL no doubt is getting a lot of money for these adverts at Euston and also Oxford Circus. Of course that for Twenty One Pilots had a massive impact because it relied on popular culture and a famous music duo and I am sure it has been one of TfL’s best earners to date.

High level view of the Allbirds Eweston advert.